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VariCam offer

I don’t quite know how to take this Panasonic advert…on the one hand you are getting a great piece of kit for half the price you would have paid for it one month ago…I do hope know one spent £30,515 last month on this camcorder they will be so depressed…now lets see the funny side of this…

You have 3 choices to get a Willie Wonka golden ticket…

1st any old 1/2″ chip camcorder…like an EX-1 perhaps… age or condition is not mentioned

2nd any old 2/3″ camcorder

3rd any old RED camcorder !

Now you see the funny side…is Panasonic “avin a laugh” who would spend £30K upwards on a RED camcorder only just available to hand it over for a £15K panasonic 3700 when you could buy the cheapest 1/2″ camcorder on EBAY and do the same deal…there is no mention of the camcorder needing to be working !

Who thinks up these ideas…I mean to say what the hell are Panasonic going to do with a room full of second hand camcorders…but give them their due it’s a good deal…PS. I think they should clarify if the lens, matte box and rails are part of the deal…I think not…but remember the £15K you have saved will easily buy you the lens and not forgetting the new P2 “E” cards are now 1/3 the price. (My thanks to Martin for spotting my stupid mistake which I have since corrected).

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  1. Martin says:

    I read 1/2″ not 1/3″
    camcorders in the offer.
    You have to look very close 😉

  2. HD Warrior says:

    Well spotted Martin you are 100Y% correct, it’s 1/2″ not 1/3″ now that makes even more poignant as they are clearly pointing the finger at Sony !

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