Panasonic Buy Back Campain “EUROPE”

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Panasonic Buy Back

We thought you might be interested to know that Panasonic Professional Broadcast and IT Systems Europe is currently running a ‘trade in’ offer giving dealers up to £13,500 back in part-exchange on certain camcorder models when they purchase a new AJ-HPX3700 or AJ-HPX2700. Panasonic is running this offer until 30th September 2009 as a way of encouraging purchases of its high-end P2 camcorders and to help dealers in the turbulent economic climate.

Customers can part-exchange a range of camcorder models from the list below and will be rewarded £13,500 when purchasing the AJ-HPX3700, and £8,000 when purchasing the AJ-HPX2700. All ‘trade-in’ camcorders need to be in good working condition for the offer to be completed.

Cameras accepted in part exchange are:

  • Sony Digital Betacam
  • Sony HDCam
  • Sony XDCam Optical Disc 2/3 inch
  • Ikegami EditCam Hard Disk
  • Thomson/GVG Infinity Digital
  • Panasonic DVCPRO50 & DVCPROHD Tape Base shoulder camcorders
  • Red One

Cameras excluded from the offer are:

  • Sony DVW-700
  • Betacam SX camcorders

I still want to know “WHAT ARE PANASONIC GOING TO DO WITH ALL THESE 2nd HAND CAMCORDERS” Why oh why do they mention the RED ONE who in their right mind is going to flogg a RED ONE costing upwards of £27,ooo (Kit plus lens) and pay an extra £13,500 for an HPX3700 with no lens ???

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Matrox MXO2 and Final Cut Studio 3 compatibility

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MXO2-update-webAs of today (Wednesday) I have emailed Matrox to check if the MXO2 needs new drivers/firmware to work with Final Cut Studio 3.

Reply from Matrox “We’re happy to announce that Matrox will be supporting Apple Final Cut Studio 3. The MXO2 product line is currently in the midst of meeting quality assurance standards for compatibility with this new software release. The drivers are scheduled to ship in early September. In the meantime, you can be assured that Matrox will be providing free updated drivers supporting Apple Final Cut Studio 3.”

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AJA are recommending users to continue with Final Cut Studio 2

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“A compatible driver for the new Final Cut Studio (with Final Cut Pro 7) will be available soon. Until this driver version and associated firmware is released, we recommend that Io HD users continue to work with Final Cut Studio 2.”

It begs the question “how long have AJA known about FCS-3” and what is so different to Version 2. I have asked AJA what happens if you use the io HD with FCS-3. OK I do realise you won’t be able to use Pro Rez but that’s for the bigger boys in the playground. I will get back to you when I get a reply to my question.

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Plural Eyes Beta 1.1

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ZYLIGHT “More expensive LED lighting !”

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The IS3 is by far the brightest, most versatile LED panel light in the world today. Fully adjustable color temperature, color correction and intensity, full color mode with adjustable hue, saturation and base color temp, wireless control and full backwards compatibility with all other Zylight products.

Included with the IS3 is a worldwide AC power adapter and Kino-Flo style mounting plate and arm with baby pin receiver to mount on most light stands. Look for more accessories and power options soon!

Quick specs (subject to change for improvement):
220W peak power
18″ x 11″ x 2″
Photometrics @ 5ft: 3200K = 70 fc (740 Lux)
5600K = 90 fc (970 Lux)
90-degree beam angle

Availability: Accepting Pre-Orders now for July Shipping  £2119

Don’t quite know where they get their “brightest LED in the world” comment from at 220W it’s 5x duller than my 1000W LED light and 3x dearer !   PS. It does look a lot slicker than my light !

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JVC HM100 “Four day User Review”

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So why would you want such a small camcorder ? Good question… maybe  I should turn it around, why would you need such a small professional camcorder ? Take me as an example, I have bought this camcorder because there are so many occasions that lugging the Sony EX-3 around can and is often tiring, I still need the quality of the EX-3 in a smaller package. Before I get a sackful of comments giving me the how can a 1/4″ camcorder be as good as a 1/2″ it’s a matter of perception. Firstly remember the EX-3  is about 2 years behind the HM100 in technology and recently reviewing the HM700 allowed me to see just how far JVC have come in solid state technology.

This cracking wee camcorder will never be an EX-3 but I defy you to tell me which footage is Sony and which is JVC. I needed the following specs…Full HD and 720 50P both come as standard with the HM100. XLR audio is important to me, the HM100 has dual phantom powered XLRs. SDHC is a great format, cheap and most important to me it allows me to have an archive one of the major drawbacks with Sony’s SxS card ” Far too expensive for archive purposes”. Archive is a must for me, when I went down the solid state road I was horrified at the shear lack of thought companies like Sony had put into archive…for years we were all used to transferring our programs onto the computer and setting the original master DV tape on a shelf knowing you could use it again if so needed.

The lightness of this camcorder makes it a joy to use and better still as my friend Philip Bloom found out people think you are a punter not a professional so you don’t get the same level of harassment as you would using an EX-3. So it’s not good in low light well that’s to be expected but it more than makes up for it during the daylight hours when I my case it’s most needed. It has a 10x zoom and not to hot in the wide angle department but I have a 0.7x WA attachment by JVC coming to me in the morning so I will update you tomorrow evening.



The 0.7x wide angle converter arrived this morning and the verdict is a big thumbs up, the camcorder is very lacking in the WA section and this extra 0.7x lens is just the job. Amazingly I have discovered that JVC seem to have left off  a port allowing the use of LANC control for the lens this is a minor point but one option I will personally miss. Getting back to the WA lens I wish camcorder designers would take on board how stupid the camera looks with a gap between the prime lens and the screw on, after all the WA lens has been around for a while so the designers could have taken this into account when designing the camera.

Hoodman-on-HM100I also got a 3″ Hoodman loupe which will be great for keeping daylight off the LCD, I also ordered  a “camcorder mount strap” but the unnamed dobbers sent me the 35mm strap for the 5D Mk11, I have been promised it will arrive in the morning.

The WA lens does affect the f stop ratio when fully zoomed in by about 2 stops but it’s nice to have the full use of the 10x zoom ratio. I am about to upgrade my computer to the latest Final Cut 7 so I will give you a final account of the camcorder on the timeline tomorrow.


Help Ma Bob… It took well over 3 hours to run a fresh install of the new Final Cut Studio 3, most of it being audio loops, anyway I stuck the SDHC card into my reader and brought ten .MOV files into FCP-7. Dragged a file onto the timeline and played back with no GREEN, ORANGE or RED render indicators… fantastic. Oh, one down side, I got the camcorder mount strap today and attached the Hoodman onto the LCD to discover it causes a vignette effect if you don’t position the hood correctly, though you don’t seem to be able to get rid of it completely…I wasn’t  expecting that problem, it kind of took away the gloss of using the Hoodman.

Thanks to AJA… I cannot see my final output on the 37″ LCD…yet, but I can view the camera footage onto the LCD via the HDMI connector on the back of the HM100. I will not get to fully play with the HM100 till Saturday when I will be attending a Scout reunion at Auchengillen. The weather does not look too promising for Saturday but I will post some footage on Saturday evening for you to view.


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Ripple Training have 19 FREE tutorial movies about the new FCS

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New Camera Features By Philip Johnston
View in HD Download 637p Version Visit Philip Johnston’s ExposureRoom Videos Page

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The all new Final Cut Studio is finally here

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Sadly it seems that DVD Studio 4 has had nothing added to it, now this comes as a great surprise as it badly needed an update, personally I think it’s a poor show and Apple are kidding themselves if they think DVD Studio 4 is good enough to take on the likes of Encore CS-4 with full Blu-ray features.

Click on the Apple link on the right hand side of this page…

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Aardman wins 2 Pencils at D&AD

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Aardman Animations and DDB London created a cracking campaign for the opening of Harvey Nichols Bristol in the city’s new shopping centre, Cabot Circus.  The campaign won Best Press and Best Poster at this year’s awards taking home two pencils – the benchmark of creative excellence for professionals and students in advertising and design.

Aardman’s Head of Commercials Heather Wright was there to pick up the award with DDB London’s Head of Art, Grant Parker.  “The strength of this idea is in the pairing of two great British institutions beautifully executed in a charming and quirky way.  I happen to know also, that Wallace & Gromit thoroughly enjoyed their foray into the world of high fashion“, says Wright.

Harvey Nichols revamped the wardrobe of Bristol’s most famous exports, Wallace giving up his beloved green tank top for a Dolce & Gabbana shirt and an Alexander McQueen cashmere jacket, whilst Gromit donned a Paul Smith silk scarf and Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses.

Jeremy Craigen. Executive Creative Director, DDB UK says “I’m consistently proud of our work for Harvey Nichols and the level of creativity we maintain.  Wallace and Gromit is one of our strongest campaigns in recent years and I’m delighted that it has been rewarded at the 2009 D&AD Awards.”

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The new AG-HMC41E mini camcorder from Panasonic

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One of the latest models in the company’s AVCCAM series of AVCHD products, the AG-HMC41E was unveiled to the market in April this year. Designed as a competitively priced product that will help to drive the adoption of tapeless technology across the industry, the AG-HMC41E allows users of tape based media to transition seamlessly and economically to Panasonic’s AVCHD system and to a fully tapeless environment. The bundling of Edius Neo 2 video software with the camcorder will make it even easier for professionals to move to the AVCHD system by removing remaining cost barriers associated with tapeless recording.

Nela Pertl, Market Intelligence Manager at Panasonic PBITS said: “Tapeless recording is being increasingly used across the industry. This camcorder demonstrates Panasonic’s committment to making tapeless technology as accessible as possible to the broadest cross-section of professional users and our bundled software offering effectively lowers the cost of entry even further. For a minimum outlay, users can now experience the many workflow benefits that that recording directly to SD and SDHC cards bring, meaning that there has never been a better time to embrace tapeless quality HD recording.”

With a 32GB SDHC card the AG-HMC41E camcorder will record up to 180 minutes of high quality HD video at a full-pixel HD sampling rate of 1,920 x 1,080 dots, thanks to three 1/4.1-inch progressive MOS sensors with a total of 3.05 million pixels (effective number of video pixels: approximately 2 million) and a professional use-quality PH mode (maximum bit rate: 24 Mbps). Also with the 32GB SDHC card, the AG-HMC41E can record up to 720 minutes of video using the HE mode (average bit rate: 6 Mbps). It captures still images at a resolution of approximately 10.6 million pixels, comparable to the resolution of high-performance digital still cameras.

The AG-HMC41E is compact, weighing less than 1kg. Despite its size, the new camcorder model offers multiple professional features including full HD 3MOS imagers, high-resolution 10.6-megapixel still photo capture and 12X optical zoom. It incorporates Panasonic’s broadcast/professional-use color reproduction system, various focus-assist functions, such as facial recognition and touch-type auto-focusing, as well as professional functions, such as waveform monitoring. Accessories include a removable grip and an optional removable XLR microphone adaptor.

Unlike tape-based systems, the AVCHD high definition digital video camera recorder format records video and/or audio as digital files that do not required digitising. The files can be directly and quickly transmitted to a Windows PC or Mac, simplifying the use of the captured video in various applications, such as content production, internet distribution and source-material archiving. AVCHD files can also be user edited, saving time and effort for TV program production. Media and equipment maintenance requirements associated with AVCHD mean that it is also a highly cost-effective means of recording.

The AG-HMC41E retails at £2429 inclusive of vat

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