Super Bright 15″ LCD Prompter

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Recently I was doing work for Scottish Television and the following day was asked if I could supply Autocue for a one hour live show “The Hour” to be transmitted from Edinburgh. I had to refuse as my ProPrompter was very portable but does not perform well in daylight and is very hard to read in sunshine. This got me thinking as I do not like turning work away, especially broadcast work, this was not the first time lately that I had sweated blood over a prompting job.

Jack Nicklaus to cameraI had been asked to provide a portable prompter for Jack Nicklaus at Turnberry, Scotland and it was also a very sunny day, Jack was running late and pushed the time one hour allowing the sun to creep behind some welcome clouds.

There is no doubt about it I am being asked more frequently to supply an Autocue system and took the plunge to add a Super Bright system to my hire department. To give you an idea my normal prompter is 350 Nits (Unit of brightness) and the Super bright prompter is 1600 Nits over 4 times brighter.

The new 15″ super bright LCD prompter has 4 inputs, Composite, YC, RGB and DVI. I have plumbed for DVI as it is the cleanest and digital. I bought a 5 meter DVI Prompter V6 sidecable from Maplin and it also runs off 12V Lion power.

It is pictured here with the Sony EX-3.

So we are now ready for any Autocue work from 8″ portable to semi portable/studio 15″ Super Bright LCD..bring on the sunshine !

Give me a phone (07896 966 574) if you have a need a portable prompter 8″ or Super Bright prompter 15″ or send me an Email with your details

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