Hard Drive Docking Station for SATA drives

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hdd-sata-dockThis is a super device no longer do I have to fiddle around with external hard drive holders, unscrewing them, sliding off the cover etc. etc. This is a hard drive toaster, you simply pop in your SATA drive like a piece of toast then connect the USB 2 or in my case the eSata cable and you are away. I have at least 8 older SATA drives 160-250 which are now redundant due to size but there still may be the odd file that may be of use so being able to slip each drive in and out is a God send.

It takes 3.5″ and 2.5″ SATA drives is Mac and PC compatible and also has card readers for USB, SD, MMC and MS it also runs off a 12V adapter.

I got this eSata version for £39.99 at my local Maplin store.

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