Sony MC1P (POV) accessories £317

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sony-acc-h1bpA range of accessories useful when shooting with the HXR-MC1P have been assembled into a single accessories kit. Contents:

  • NP-FH70: Rechargeable Battery Pack
    Compact large-capacity battery for extended shooting
  • AC-VQH10: AC Adapter/ Charger
    Battery charger offering quick charge of two H-series batteries, plus AC power output.
  • VCL-HG0730A: Wide Conversion Lens
    0.7x wide conversion lens
  • RM-AV2: Remote Controller
    A remote controller that controls zoom and Rec start/stop.
  • Carry Case
    An exclusive case for efficient storage of the HXR-MC1P and accessories (It’s a pity when you pay £2175 for the camera and recorder that they did not think to include an exclusive carry case !)

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