The Panasonic DVX-200 Arrives in Glasgow

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Finally the production model arrives for review and the first thing I am looking at is noise. A few bloggers have noted the engineering sample was noisy in the blacks. The camera comes set to SCENE FILE 1 which is noisey but set it to SCENE FILE 5 and you are looking at a different camera.

This trick was noted with the Panasonic AF101 the default setting had noise while setting a scene file to CINE V made all the difference.

Camera DVX200

Still early days finding my way around but for the life of me I can’t find the eye sensor off switch that Luc told me had now been included via a user switch ?

We have one week to produce a full review of the DVX-200 so if you have any questions please post them and I will endeavour to answer you ASAP.

I will be trying out V-LOG during the review, Panasonic told me they have worked on the noise in the shadow detail seen by a few of us on the pre production model.

Update : Since choosing SCENE file 5 the daylight pictures are stunning far better than anything I saw at London, UHD 16:9 at 50fps on a 50″ Panasonic plasma are fantastic at 0dB. I will try and get you a few stills later today, these are just getting to know the camera shots nothing exiting.

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Win a Sony PXW-FS5

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Want to win a PXW-FS5 or A7s? Sony are running a free to enter global competition to win a PXW-FS5. All you have to do is create a 2 min short film with the theme “No More Limits” upload it to YouTube and enter via the entry form by 31st October. The videos which receive the most YouTube ‘likes’ from the 1st-15th November will form regional shortlists, an Independent expert from each region will select their favourite. These regional finalists will each win a Sony A7S (or equivalent), and will be entered into the global final to win the PXW-FS5. The global winner and regional winners will be announced during a webinar on 17th December…a free FS5 has got to be worth a 2m short film.


Get your form here :

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Panasonic DVX-200 micro 4/3″ Sensor Revealed

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Its taken long enough to find the information but initially I was under the impression that the new Panasonic DVX-200 was built round the GH4 sensor bloc, in fact it was one of Panasonic’s team that revealed this during an interview.

It is actually built round the Lumix GX8 sensor which is more up to date than the GH4 sensor, leaving far more room for future firmware updates and features.


Panasonic have been very cagey about revealing this to the outside world but with the camera due within the next two weeks we are at final production firmware, taking out a lot of niggles seen by many of us over the last 6 weeks.

One major annoyance was the eye sensor turning the LCD off at very inappropriate times…that has thankfully been fixed to an assign button, switching it on or off manually.

me BW

V-LOG has also been updated to give less noise in the shadows as seen by a few bloggers during our seminar at the Groucho club. The last piece of the puzzle will be its low light capabilities, a lot of users are banking on the DVX-200 for low light work, that will be revealed in my comprehensive review once a get a DVX-200.

Image_GX8_Sensor copy

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Taking pictures fast enough to slow light itself !

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Light v2

We all want slow motion with our cameras…180fps, 240fps but this video shows us how from the early 1960s a 2000mph bullet was caught in mid air to todays technology that is now fast enough to capture the same apple sequence but it would take a year to watch.

A new camera developed at MIT can photograph a trillion frames per second. Compare that with a traditional movie camera which takes a mere 24 fps. This new advancement in photographic technology has given scientists the ability to photograph the movement of the fastest thing in the Universe, light. In the video below, you’ll see experimental footage of light photons traveling 600-million-miles-per-hour through water. The actual event occurred in a nano second, but the camera has the ability to slow it down to twenty seconds. For some perspective, according to New York Times writer, John Markoff, “If a bullet were tracked in the same fashion moving through the same fluid, the resulting movie would last three years.”

It’s impossible to directly record light so the camera takes millions of scans to recreate each image. The process has been called femto-photography and according to Andrea Velten, a researcher involved with the project, “There’s nothing in the universe that looks fast to this camera.”

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New Full 4K RED RAVEN from RED Digital Cinema …Price $5950 body only

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Converting the price for the UK this RED RAVEN is about £4300 plus vat which is direct competition for not only the new Panasonic DVX-200 but the new Sony PXW-FS5.

Equipped with a 4K RED DRAGON sensor the unit is capable of recording REDCODE RAW in 4K at up to 120fps and in 2K at up to 240fps. It can also record Apple ProRes at the same time, but only at 2K.

  • RED RAVEN uses a DRAGON Sensor, Shoots Max 4K
  • Sensor Size: 20.48mm
  • Crop factor compared to full-frame 35mm is 1.87x
  • 4K Up to 120fps
  • 4K 23.98 at 5:1 Compression
  • Takes Mini-Mags
  • Same body as WEAPON
  • All WEAPON modules work
  • There is at least one model with Canon EF mount
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built-in Scratch Microphone
  • Price: $5,950 Body only

Red_Raven_1280_3 copy

RED RAVEN BRAIN ONLY – $5,950 ($500 deposit) – ships February 2016

RED RAVEN JETPACK PACKAGE – $9,750 ($1,000 deposit) – ships February 2016
Includes a RED RAVEN BRAIN, JETPACK, Battery Belt Clip, RED MINI-MAG 120GB, 4.7” LCD, AC Power Adaptor, and DSMC2 Outrigger Handle.

RED RAVEN I/O PACKAGE – $9,950 ($1,000 deposit) – ships March 2016
Includes a RED RAVEN BRAIN, Base I/O V-Lock Expander, RED MINI-MAG 120GB, 4.7” LCD, AC Power Adaptor, and DSMC2 Outrigger Handle.

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FREE Sidewinder worth £215 plus vat before 9th October

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This is an offer you can’t refuse…a FREE Sidewinder worth £215 plus vat from Production Gear, H Preston Media or participating reseller when you buy a SmallHD monitor.

Buy the SmallHD 502 SDI/HDMI or the 501 HDMI only, before the 9th October 2015 and get a FREE Sidefinder.

Watch my recent review…

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New 4K YouTube footage filmed with the Panasonic DVX-200

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Panasonic AG-DVX200

Some more footage emerges from Japan using engineering samples from the Panasonic DVX200. Panasonic seem to be throwing endless amounts of money producing well shot footage.

Panasonic “The first official footage of Panasonic’s new AG-DVX200 4K camcorder, that was shot by two engineering samples of DVX200.
4K monitoring was used by a new FZ-Y1CH TOUGHPAD 4K that is the world’s first tablet PC equipped 20” 4K resolution LCD touch panel and HDMI 2.0 input.

Recording format/mode: UHD (3840 x 2160) 29.97p / MOV (100Mbps, SD card recording) and VFR120p on FHD (1920 x 1080) 29.97p / MOV (50Mbps, SD card recording)

V-Log L (Beta version) was used over full length. (Grading tool : DaVinci Resolve)”

This is the YouTube version make sure you watch it in 4K.

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8K Eighty five inch television on sale…October 2015…£86K

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8K v2 title

Once again there is no enthusiasm for 8K but Japan is driving forward with an 85″ Sharp television in October this year. The best of it is the Japanese who are always the early adopters of new technology don’t have enough space in their houses for an 85″ screen which could seriously limit sales.


In the UK alone the majority of TV sales are with HD ready televisions with about 1% of the market selling 4K to an audience of zero ! Its laughable when we have no 4K DVDs or TV channels that are even contemplating 4K let alone  8K.


Both Canon and Ikegami are working on an 8K cameras but once again 8K for editing down to 4K or even HD will look spectacular but is there a need for it.


With my example below you can see how the security services would welcome 8K surveillance cameras.

100 v2

Take this 8K picture out of 16 full HD pictures you can crop at 100% to identify people in a protest.


So why is there a push for 8K when there is such a limited market, we are already seeing 6K productions coming out in the cinema filmed on a 6K RED Weapon like The Martain.


Camera manufacturers are into every marketplace and the more HiEnd the production the better publicity they can make from it.

Digital Cinema is the one place RED have got their teeth into and you only have to look at their web site to see a ton of major films and TV productions being made with RED cameras.

Personally I think 8K is positioned firmly at the digital cinema marketplace though it is very limited and RED won’t want to give up their stronghold without a fight.

Heres a look at a 10K video that I have shown before but its so good a second look won’t go wrong…

10328×7760 – A 10K Timelapse Demo from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

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A look at a new Hi-End stabiliser from Sachtler

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Art title

This is an interesting take on the update of the now dated “Steadycam” type vest and arm. Many shooters including myself have moved on to the DJI Ronin for our productions. The artemis from Sachtler is more for hi-end productions but very interesting to watch.

5D logo

My thanks to Cinema 5D for producing this video at IBC 2015…

Sachtler Artemis Trinity – Mechanical Stabilizer / Electronic Gimbal Combination from cinema5D on Vimeo.

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FREE V-LOG for GH-4 users and its not a hack !

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I don’t need V-LOG but would like to try it out for journalistic purposes, at £79 many GH-4 users are hacked off that Panasonic are charging them for  the addition of V-LOG.

This morning I got an email from one of my readers telling me that Panasonic had goofed up the new v2.3 FW by allowing you to download it and by using Panasonics image App, you can store the V-LOG settings to C1 on your GH4. As usual I thought this was too good to be true but it works.

Needless to say FW v2.3 is no longer available at Panasonics web site but fear not its freely available at various web sites.

V LOG via GH4

Remember although the GH4 is set to C1 you can record video from this setting and it works in both HD and 4K mode.

V LOG corrected 800 v2

Had this been a hack I would not have publicised it but as it is a genuine cock up by Panasonic. I would like to thank the person who discovered this mistake and had the brains to try it out. Note: You load this into your GH4 knowing that the next FW from Panasonic will no doubt disable the free V-LOG V2.3 from working.

One of my readers makes a great point…”Glad I’ve had a chance to try the V-Log via the workaround. It’s certainly helping me decide whether or not I’d buy the official activation key. Why? Shooting Log is difficult. It’s harder to focus and expose correctly. Not only that – I’m having trouble finding any V-Log LUT’s that can be used with LUT Buddy in FCP7.
If Panasonic sold the activation code with a set of LUT’s then that would be a good incentive for those who do find V-Log useful – to pay up.”

The link that points you towards the software is here…Note: Use Firefox as Safari won’t work properly.

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